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Tack Room

What is your availability for boarding?


I keep a wait list for boarding. We take pride in being a limited capacity facility, allowing larger turnout space, more grass to graze and better one-on-one attention. Leave me a voicemail, text or email with your info, your horse’s info, and the time frame in which you need board, and you will be automatically added to the wait list.

Do you offer partial or pasture board?

No. We only offer full board for reasons mentioned above. We take pride in our limited, well-organized layout. The county would allow us to fit 26 horses here, but we never plan to have more than 12 to preserve pastures, manage manure, and maintain effective fly control.

Do you offer trail rides?


I only offer trail rides to established lesson clients. I do not offer trail rides to the general public.

What is your availability for lessons?

I keep a wait list for lessons as well. We are limited by horsepower, as my personal horses are all getting older. I typically schedule riding lessons every weekday afternoon but am careful not to overwork my horses. I have better availability if you are looking for lessons on your own horse or problem solving.

How does the wait list work?


There is no cost to be on our wait list. I do NOT go in first-come first-serve order. For boarding openings I go by who (horse & owner) I think would be the best fit for our farm family. For riding lesson openings I choose who fits the schedule and horse available depending on the rider's age, size, experience level, and availability for lessons.


Do you offer any discounts?


There are no multi-horse discounts on boarding and no multi-rider discounts on lessons. We occasionally offer a discount in board for those interested in a working student type program. For lessons, a lesson package is the best value but must be paid in advance.

I accidentally sent payment to the wrong account, what do I do?

If you accidentally sent payment to Equine Health Academy instead of Flatwoods Farm, or vice versa, do not worry. This is not reversible, but funds go to the same place, just make me aware of the mistake so I can correct it in my bookkeeping.


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