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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a list of classes offered?


You can find class descriptions and course listings nationwide on Equi-Health's website. You can find the classes offered by Equine Health Academy, and our current course schedule here.

Do you ever offer classes near me?


This website will be kept as up to date as possible. If you don't see a course offered near you on Equi-Health's website, contact us. If there is enough demand, and a barn willing to host, we can offer these courses practically anywhere!

I'm skeptical. What is the legitimacy of these courses and what are the instructor's qualifications?


These courses were developed over the years by a board of directors including veterinarians, farriers, and other equine professionals. The courses are reviewed annually and well recognized world-wide. Equi-Health's trained instructors are knowledgeable, professional and proficient in equine first aid. It is important to remember completing these courses does NOT certify you to practice any form of equine health care in a professional capacity. This is the equivalent of a human Red Cross first aid class for horses, designed to give people the knowledge to handle equine emergencies while preparing a horse to see a vet. See more under About Us.

I feel like the standard class is "too basic" for me, can I skip it?

The full-day Equine Health and Emergency First Aid class is a pre-requisite for the more advanced classes. You cannot skip it. The classes build on each other, and your training needs to be consistent in case you re-certify or take an advanced course with another instructor. Take the class! You WILL learn something new, and you will meet some great people and horses.

What is the age requirement or limit?

The full day classes are a lot of information, but are intended for ages 10 & up. Horse savvy kids do just fine. For young kids or complete beginners, the Fundamentals and kids classes are probably best. See more under the class descriptions.

What are the benefits of hosting a class?


Hosting a class can earn you up to TWO complimentary certifications, and/or some fun and useful merchandise! Host barns will also work towards our Certified Safe Facility listing.

Do you offer any discounts?

Special offers, if available, will be advertised on social media. We are happy to discuss fundraiser opportunities for non-profits.

Do you offer gift certificates?


Yes! Equine Health Academy allows you to gift a class to someone, but the class and name of recipient must be specified at time of purchase. Contact us to purchase a gift certificate.


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