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Equi-First Aid USA

Equi-First Aid USA is an organization that helps horse owners and horse lovers improve the health and safety of their equine companions. We provide courses in equine health and emergency first aid, advanced first aid, and advanced wilderness training to individuals, clubs, and organizations.


We also teach disaster planning, emergency preparedness, and safe trailering practices. Interested participants of all ages and experience levels are welcome to sign up.


The program was established in 2007 with the vision of educating horse owners in emergency first aid and providing quality training and products. Our courses and products were developed by Veterinarians in conjunction with farriers, equine chiropractors, equine massage therapists, and equine experts.


The courses are recognized across the US, Canada, Australia and beyond. Our organization is governed by our team of Veterinarians and a Board of Advisors.

Equine Health Academy was established in Grant, FL in 2023, and is a local source for Equi-First Aid USA course training. There are classes offered for all ages and experience levels. Successful completion of a course results in a formal certificate of completion, valid for 3 years. After 3 years, you may re-certify for a lifetime certification. These classes are excellent for anyone who owns or just loves horses, as well as anyone considering a career in veterinary medicine or the equine field. Classes can be offered at Flatwoods Farm, or remotely with the help of a host facility. See more here.

Equine Health Academy

The Owner

My name is Jackie. I was born and raised in Palm Bay, FL. I grew up volunteering for a horse rescue throughout middle and high school, and riding the local trails. Upon graduating high school in 2011, I was gifted my dream horse (rescue) Spirit. I was fortunate enough to take him to college with me. I attended the University of Central Florida where I studied Biology and competed on the school's equestrian team. While in school I worked as a horseback riding instructor in Orlando, teaching beginner and intermediate lessons to both children and adults. I taught both English and Western basics, but most of my riding experience is Western including horsemanship, reining, trail, pleasure, and speed events. Upon graduating in 2015, I moved back home to Palm Bay and worked for Brevard County as a Park Ranger, and later as an Inspector for Mosquito Control. I now work for Spalding Laboratories, a leader of biological fly control in the agricultural industry. I started Flatwoods Farm in 2018 to continue my passion for horses, nature, and teaching; and to finally have my heart horse, Spirit, at home. In 2023 I decided to further my education by becoming a certified Equine First-Aid Instructor, and expanded my business to include Equine First Aid classes. JLO Equine Services, LLC includes both Flatwoods Farm and Equine Health Academy.

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